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is transmuted into positive

Self defense, self confidence, discipline and emotional self control

Kid Taekwondo Yellow Belt


with instructors ranging from 20 to 40+ years of experience

MAS Instructor


The MAS Instructor will provide a great customer service, guide the students in the process of developing confidence through Martial Arts training, assist the students in the improvement of their techniques to become the best martial artist they can be.

The MAS Instructor will develop the qualities to become a well-rounded Instructor and be an example of the benefits of Martial Arts including the following values: Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Patience, Understanding, Compassion, Cleanliness. And will continuously improve by training his/her techniques, relate well with children, always lead by example, integrity, self-motivated, organized, goal oriented, team player, and pro-active.

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Our Mission

“Keeping On Fighting No Matter What”

Guiding People Towards Productive, Positive and Powerful Life

MAS leads students on the journey to conquer self-gained confidence, security in oneself, respect, and education, so that they can have positive attitudes towards oneself and towards others. We teach students to reach their objectives, whether it be achieving a new belt rank, a personal goal, or perfecting a technique through their own hard work. Demonstrating that with the right perseverance, intention and preparation, nothing is impossible and no obstacle is too big. In our MAS classes, we develop the habit of fighting for one’s goals and dreams, taking control of one’s action and not being put down or held back by circumstances, and to push through and never give up.

We are Martial Arts System Instructors; We have the knowledge, training, dedication and motivation to deliver our students the best martial arts classes possible through physical conditioning, self-defense and life skills lessons.