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MAS leads students on the journey to conquer self-gained confidence, security in oneself, respect, and education, so that they can have positive attitudes towards oneself and towards others. We teach students to reach their objectives, whether it be achieving a new belt rank, a personal goal, or perfecting a technique through their own hard work. Demonstrating that with the right perseverance, intention and preparation, nothing is impossible and no obstacle is too big. In our MAS classes, we develop the habit of fighting for one’s goals and dreams, taking control of one’s action and not being put down or held back by circumstances, and to push through and never give up.

We are Martial Arts System Instructors; We have the knowledge, training, dedication and motivation to deliver our students the best martial arts classes possible through physical conditioning, self-defense and life skills lessons.

● Building Positive Habits
● Real Self-Defense Situations
● Physical and Mental
● Conditioning
● Discipline in Class and Life
● Building Confidence and Self-Esteem
● Reaching Your Goals

MAS Life Skills Definitions

Discipline is to do what must be done without anyone else asking you.

Respect it to recognize the value of others 

Confidence is making the impossible, possible
Indomitable spirit is to always keep on fighting no matter what
Courtesy is treating everybody well
Loyalty is to follow my principals and believes

Self Esteem is to trust myself

Passion is to overcome fear and break obstacles 

Vision is to focus to get farther

MAS Code of Conduct

  • Always treat others as you want to be treated
  • Respect Juniors and Seniors
  • Always bow to everyone you meet
  • Be responsible for all you do an Acknowledge any wrong doing
  • Willing to learn and help others
  • Accept your limitations and circumstances.
  • Receive corrections graciously.
  • Never Criticize others.
  • Speak well of others
  • Forgive others who have wronged us and apologize to others who we have been wronged by us.
  • Rejoice of other success
  • Always seek opportunities to help and serve others
  • Show gratitude for our success and give credit to those who help us get there
  • Never discriminate nor show prejudice.
  • Treat all people with respect.
  • Be humble
  • Practice physical techniques and life skills daily to be a better person
  • Never give up: Always keep on fighting, No matter what!!