“Learn from the old to create the new”

Tradition and innovation are forces that guide martial artists through time and space; however, managing to merge and maintain harmony between the two while adapting to current needs is one of the greatest challenges facing modern schools and organizations.

In the warrior code there is a concept called On Ko Chi Shin 温故知新 which means “Learn from tradition to create the new”.

This principle tells us precisely about knowing the past in order to understand the present and build the future. As students of MAS and Grand Master C. Ozuna, we are custodians of a great legacy and at the same time part of a new stage of personal and professional evolution.

With a system of dynamic techniques, focused mainly on effectiveness in real situations, we are facing a new reality in schools where technology has also played a fundamental role in recent times, which has led to the adaptation and incorporation of technology in school management.

Tradition must learn to coexist with today’s reality. With the MAS training system, the foundations are being forged to take a great leap towards the new generations of martial artists.

MAS is based on the premises that believe that every martial art, every master, instructor has something to offer, and we must not limit ourselves to just one style or system. The more we know the better instructor we will be. In such a wide-open market interrelated thorough social media and all sorts of communication systems we all have a vast source of information and knowledge.

Grand Master Ozuna

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