MAS-Uruguay by Master Graña

“Normally when you start something new there are always difficulties. However, this was not the case of MAS-Uruguay and the reason is the wonderful human group that from day 1 put on the shirt to make this a success”. We have a fantastic team in all areas that makes MAS-Uruguay a cutting-edge organization.”.

Master Sergio Graña has a great work team that he has been forming over the years. “To all this add the experience and guidance of more than 50 years of experience in Martial Arts of our Grand Master C. Ozuna, and there is no way to fail. We have a wonderful product, a fantastic teaching system, and a great human group, expresses one of the highest ranking instructors in the MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEM

“Being one of the highest ranked in MAS is nothing more than the responsibility of always giving your best and being an example for those who follow us, that in some way the way can be shown and that in this lifestyle there is a future, there is nothing more beautiful than being able to live what we are passionate about”.

Master Graña began his path in martial arts at the age of 9. At first, he went through various styles until at the age of 14 he came to GM Cesar Ozuna’s classes and since then he has been training non-stop, also starting to work together with his instructor in 1999. Three years later, he opened his first school already independent in the center of the city of Montevideo. Today, 18 years after that day, the same school continues to operate and has won awards for the best school of the year, the largest number of students, black belts, competitors, and more.

As of today, he created more than 10 professional instructors who have continued with the legacy by opening their own schools.

Since 2003 he has participated in all the annual instructor camps and Pan American tournaments, as well as world tournaments and different international seminars and training. In his career as a competitor, he was National and Pan American champion on several occasions, also being selected to represent Uruguay in team sparring competitions for several years.

Master Graña shares this same passion for martial arts with his family: his daughter, who has been training since she was 3 years old, is currently 16 years old and a second degree black belt, is also part of MAS-TRAINEE and her 10-year-old son is close to taking the step to the black belt. They all work with the same desire and enthusiasm, with the goal of helping each person in their schools to reach their greatest potential in martial arts and for life.

This October 2022, Mestre Graña will be testing for steamed rank of Seventh Degree black belt during the MAS-INTERNATIONAL OPEN to be held in Paraguay, accompanied by a delegation from Uruguay that will be present to honor the event.