Grand Master C. Ozuna




Born In San Pedro, Paraguay in April 30th, 1958

In 1983, Grand Master Ozuna started STF (Songahm Taekwondo Federation), which consisted of 10 South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. Today, these countries have a total of over 200 active schools, and over 120 active clubs. In 1997, Grand Master Ozuna moved to South Florida with his family (wife and three daughters). Here he opened and operated 6 ATA commercial schools. Throughout his teaching career he created instructors that went on to open more than 50 schools throughout the USA, and others who branched out throughout the world, including countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Scotland, and Japan. As of October 20th, 2020, the majority of these locations will continue to be active under MAS (Martial Arts System). 

Grand Master Ozuna has a legacy of black belts under his instruction, including his three daughters: Alex (4th Degree black belt) , Moira (5th Degree Black Belt) and Dafne (3rd Degree Black Belt). 

His highest achieving students include: 4 Chief Masters (8th Degree Black Belts), 14 Senior Masters (7th Degree Black Belts), 40 Masters (6th Degree Black Belts), and over 300 certified instructors worldwide. 


Belt And certifications

Grand Master in Korean TaeKwonDo

Certified by President Jae-Kyu Chon, 2019

Grand Master in Songham Taekwondo, Certified by ATA, 2019

4th Degree Black Belt in I.T.F, 1981

Black Belt in World Taekwondo Federation

  • Pressure point control tactic (PPCT)
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Ground fighting
  • Single and double Sshan jeol bong (Nunchaku)
  • Single and double Bahn Mang Ee (Escrima stick/Kali)
  • Gumdo (Sword)
  • Ssahng Nat (Kama)
  • Spontaneous knife defense
  • Tai Chi
  • Long Staff

1970-1975 French high school of Asunción, Paraguay

1976-1979 University of the Pacific, Stockton California B.A. in Public relations and Business administration (Personnel management)

1979-1980 Schiller College, Europe University, Paris-France, MBA International Business Administration, Finance 

1980-1981 Schiller College, Heidelberg, Germany Doctorate degree in Finance and Marketing.

Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Guarani

Grand Master Ozuna Timeline