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Be a Black Belt Leader Make Appointment ONE FREE WEEK Physical Benefits Increases body coordination, balance and reflexesImproves muscular strength and cardiovascular enduranceDevelops elasticity and agilityProvides control and knowledge of the bodyChannels energy in a healthy way Benefits to personality Increases the ability of concentration and discipline Promotes confidence, self-esteem and initiative in introverted children […]
Be a Black Belt Make Appointment ONE FREE WEEK MAS-ADULTS Program Martial Arts is one of the best workouts available for adults because there are multiple benefits in addition to physical fitness that will help keep them motivated and excited to train consistently. MAS Martial Arts guarantees the most professional, supervised, and high-quality classes available […]
Provides exclusive classes for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old, with instructors trained internationally and with extensive experience in understanding and applying the concepts of teaching and positive reinforcement for children.
MAS-KRAV (Self-defense)
self-defense Make Appointment ONE FREE WEEK MAS-KRAV Program Krav Maga is one of the most effective fighting systems in the world. Used by police and military personnel worldwide, Krav Maga has proven itself to combine some of the most valuable strategies and techniques into one. Developed back in the 1950s, Krav Maga was initially taught […]